The truffles

Whilst the flavours listed below may sound very simple, you have to try them for yourself to discover just how tasty they are. No mucking about with get what you ask for. 

Click on the images below to get the full description!

Mint Slice

Our first “double decker” truffle. One layer is smooth dark chocolate ganache, the other is a delightfully minty layer of fondant crème. Coated in fine dark chocolate, then rolled in flaked dark chocolate.


Smooth Hazelnut

Smooth, creamy milk chocolate and hazelnut centre coated in fine dark chocolate, then tossed in delightfully tiny, flavour packed caramelised hazelnut pieces.



Smooth white chocolate and coconut centre, coated in a thin white chocolate outer layer for crunch and tossed in desiccated coconut.



Italian Espresso

Milk chocolate ganache infused with Italian Espresso coffee beans. Coated in fine milk chocolate and tossed in thin delicate pancake flakes.


Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Decadent white chocolate ganache with vodka and cranberry juice, a touch of orange and a twist of lime....just like the cocktail! Coated in fine white chocolate and gorgeous pink sugar.


Milk Crunch

Smooth milk chocolate ganache, loaded with extremely satisfying and crunchy flakes. Coated in fine crunchy milk chocolate and rolled in delicate flaked milk chocolate.



Salted Caramel

Deliciously gooey caramel centre with a hint of Murray River salt. Coated in fine dark chocolate and dusted with Dutch cocoa powder.




Smooth and buttery dark chocolate centre drenched in enticing Cointreau with a hint of sweet orange. Coated in fine dark chocolate and heavenly Belgian vermicelli sprinkles.



A softly whipped centre based on white chocolate with an exciting and delightful passionfruit punch. Coated in fine white chocolate and glistening golden sugar.



Tart Lemon

Almost lemon curd in texture, the centre of this most delightful of truffles, consists mostly of smooth white chocolate and very tart lemon. This alluring truffle is a complete dessert in one, coated in fine white chocolate and offset with sweet icing sugar for contrast.



Velvety smooth milk chocolate and almond based ganache with lightly toasted aromatic sesame seeds for subtle texture and flavour. Finished with a tantalising hint of Murray River salt, and a delicate coat of milk chocolate.